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Time to take up or improve your skills on the drum kit! Manas has been banging on the drums since he was 8 years old, and has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with the beginner, intermediate  or advanced-level drummer. 


Manas can hold down a variety of beats for you to pick up and learn. Each lesson is tailored to your skill level and your musical goals. You choose the style you’d like to learn or build on, and Manas will work with you, support and encourage you as you progress.


Lessons are held online anywhere in the world or in person in the SF Bay Area. An initial lesson will determine your goals, and a plan for your lessons will be established. After each week, Manas will leave you with a video to help you practice in between lessons. Lessons focused on improving your skills are best taken weekly or every other week.


Manas offers a relaxed yet highly skilled lesson that makes hitting the drums feel fun and easy. Manas has some 30+ years of experience on the drums playing to huge crowds and with a variety of incredible musical talents. Manas loves to be out here sharing what he knows and has learnt with you. 

40 minutes


60 minutes


5-Pack of Lessons

40 minutes


60 minutes


*Please note 24 hour notice is required for all cancelations or rescheduling. 

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