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Groups & After school program

Is it time to bring rhythm to you, your family, and friends?!


Manas is offering small group lessons of 4-6 people in the comfort of your backyard, socially distanced and masked up. This can be a one-off or a series of lessons to really learn to lay down and own a rhythm. Each week you will gather your people and learn a basic rhythm to carry with you. Classes are tailored for the absolute beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. 

Manas is especially interested in helping and supporting children during this challenging time using the fun and inviting rhythm of the drum that he brings with him from his West African roots! A day of virtual school classes can be brought to an end with this incredible after-school program. Gather 4-6 kids together (ages 6 years and up) , and you have yourself your very own drum circle! This group could also be formed from a blend of parents and kids. This 1-hour class begins learning a basic rhythm, hand position, and different sounds made on the hand drum, and builds from there each lesson. 

Hand drumming has incredible mindfulness and stress relieving benefits, helping kids and parents through this challenging time. The hand drum is a physical work out when we get going and really activates an often untouched aspect of the brain supporting cognitive function. 

Manas' easygoing nature and incredible talent make learning easy and fun for everyone. Kids will have a blast learning to beat on their drums and move to the rhythm with their friends. 

Equipment: Supply your own drum (of any kind) and a chair to sit on. See links with diagrams below for beginner drum options.

Inquire for more information and pricing 


Please note there is a 24 hours notice required for all cancelations or rescheduling unless of course we are restricted by environmental factors or the pandemic. 

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