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with Manas

A unique opportunity to take personalized lessons with an incredibly experienced, friendly, and patient musician. Manas has a knack for creating a super fun and easy learning environment. With Manas' African influence and rhythm from his homeland of Isoko Tribe, Nigeria, you will enjoy and benefit from a unique musical talent. 


Classes are personalized to your experience level and musical goals. Manas will meet you where you are at beginner, Intermediate or advanced and help you find or add to your rhythm. You can choose from an online class and meet and beat with Manas from anywhere in the world, or outdoors in person within the San Francisco Bay Area. Each class will build upon the previous, and each week you will be left with a video to support your practice.  

You will supply your own drum, for those just dabbling you can begin with a bucket or table top! Online lesson, connection will be made via Zoom, FaceTime or Google HD. Lessons can be purchased in 30 minute or 60 minute intervals, as a single lesson or 5-pack. The initial lesson for an online class will be a few minutes longer to allow for a tech check. 

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